11 Best places to visit in Mysore at anytime

mysore palace beautiful view in the night
Such a Beautiful Mysore Palace View in Night

Mysore Travel Trip

Mysore is a beautiful place to visit. It’s perfect for summer because if the type of weather it holds throughout the year. It gives you a feeling of our ancient India, where our cultures and history is piled up.

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Places to visit in Mysore nearby:

There are mansions of ancient rulers, their heritage, belongings and the culture of old people of India.

The soil of Mysore gives you the smell of the sacrifices of several brave rulers. Mysore stands as proof of brave warriors and courageous people.

It is a beautiful city with clean roads, ancient monuments and great weather throughout the year. If you are planning for a vacation, Mysore would be a great spot within India. It has got all that which will soothe your eyes and leave you with tons of memories. Here are a few fantastic places near Mysore which you can visit.

  1. Mysore Palace:

When you hear the name of this city, definitely the title of this place comes into mind. Isn’t it so? Mysore Palace or the Mysore Maharaja Palace is the most prominent and most significant place you will visit in Mysore. This magnificent palace is in the centre of the city and beholds beauty and pride.

When you enter the palace, you will see the precious belongings of the royal family. The palace is visible and looks terrific when you go to any highest peak of so many hills around Mysore. This palace and the famous ruler Tipu Sultan have been the pride of India.

Mysore Palace belonged to Tipu Sultan who belonged to the Wadiyar dynasty. The palace is at the centre of the city and faces Chamundi Hills at the Eastward direction. The humongous palace showcases excellent architectural designs of Ancient India. There is a beautiful mixture of Hindu, Islam, Gothic and Rajput cultures as it is visible from those artworks. The intricate craftsmanship is a commendable thing there, and you will love to enjoy it.

The Wadiyar dynasty and its belongings will leave you flabbergasted. The way the palace is decorated, especially during the Dussehra times, makes it one of the best places to visit near Mysore.

  1. Mysore Zoo:

Mysore Zoo is the second best place where you should go if you are in Mysore. There are so many diverse wild animals that you will be enthusiastic and excited to see. Especially those who are animal lovers are going to be very enticed with the Mysore Zoo.

Apart from animals, there is an aviary built in the Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens. You have to walk through a bridge made there and then see the birds closely. Such an extensive collection of Peacocks, Pelicans, Flamingoes, Cranes, etc. will be a great thing to take photographs of and enjoy the beauty of nature.

There is also an Aquarium and Museum.  The Zoo-Museum has stuffed animals.

The Zoo is open all days except for Tuesday between 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM.

  1. Karanji Lake:

Karanji Lake is the famous Kannada Lake. If you are visiting Mysore, then you must take a visit to this place.  

The best part of the lake is that ana enticing Butterfly Park surrounds it. Thousands of colourful butterflies are kept there, and they can be seen sitting on branches of trees and flowers. 

There is also a walk-through Aviary near Karanji Lake. It is the largest walk-through Aviary in India. For all the enthusiastic visitors, the park makes a lot of money from the entry fees which indeed is used for the development of the Zoo, park, Zoological Gardens, etc. You can also visit the Museum in Karanji Lake.

The total area covered by Karanji Lake is around 90 hectares, out of which water lake covers 55 hectares itself.

  1. Philomena Church:

St. Philomena’s Cathedral is a Catholic church situated in Mysore. It was constructed in 1936 and has been one of the tallest churches in Asia.

The style of design of the church is in Neo-Gothic style. The architecture is unique and is recognised to be inspired by Cologne Cathedral in Germany. The church is known to overwhelm people with its excellent architectural works. The inspirational drawing over the walls has attracted thousands of visitors every year.

The majestic church captivates everyone with not only its beauty but what historical importance it holds. The church is built by the Mysore ruler for his European residents. The church stands as an epitome of religious harmony of Mysore.

This church evolved and became one of the biggest church in Asia because of the increasing residents of Mysore. The church was predominantly built for the residents’ stay.

  1. GRS Fantasy park:

GRS Fantasy Park is a famous destination in Mysore. It is a very good place to visit if there are kids with you. It’s an amusement park, and there is Water Park where you can chill with your entire family. Whenever people visit Mysore, they visit this amusement park to have loads of fun. It’s very close to the city, approximately 20 minutes of drive from the city.

This park is also a great option to visit for couples. They can spend a good deal of fun time here and recreate memories. The fantasy park in Mysore has so many rides as well for a gala time. There are countless games, exciting activities, evens as well as those rides that can overwhelm you and leave you aghast.

Mysore GRS Fantasy Park is 35 acres of area with greenery all around. You can spend countless memorable holidays here. With the great ambience of the park, there are breathtaking rides. So, if you haven’t visited the place yet, then make your next destination trip to Mysore and visit this fantastic Fantasy Park.

  1. Lalitha Mahal:

The second largest palace is the Lalitha Mahal in Mysore. It sits on Chamundi Hills in the state of Karnataka. The Mahal was built in 1921 when Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV ordered to build it. It was made for the stay if the then Viceroy of India. The palace has imposing structures and is fashioned with the impressions from the designs of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The beautiful palace is entirely white and is used as a hotel now for showcasing the rich heritage collections. now. It was used by India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) under the Government of India for years until 2018. Now it has been returned to the hands of Government of Karnataka.

The Government maintains the royal ambience of the Palace and does the needful construction work for it. The construction and maintenance work cost a very reasonable amount of money, and it is now a great place to visit.

  1. Railway Museum:

National Railway Museum in Delhi is popular among all and this Railway Museum in Mysore is second similar kind of museum like the National Railway Museum. The museum is opposite to Central Food Technology and Research Institute. The Museum has a vintage locomotive. The locomotives have a gallery of photographs. There are several other galleries in this Museum, and the gallery showcases the development of Indian Railways.

The museum now has a battery operated mini train that gives you a tour around the museum to see what all it beholds. The galleries also display lights that display the railway traffic and signals.

Being located in the Krishnasagar Road of Mysore, the museum is open every day for a visit. So, pay a visit to the museum and experience the contribution of railways to get deployment of this society via this museum.


  1. Krishna Raja Sagara Dam:

Krishna Raja Sagara Dam is another good holiday destination. It is otherwise popular as KRS Dam. It is a lake and a dam that is close to Krishnarajasagara, Karnataka. This dam is made up of Surki Mortar, and river Kaveri and its tributaries contribute water to this Dam.

There is a famous garden known as Brindavan Garden just beside the dam. So, you can visit that place as well along with the dam.

  1. Nagarhole National Park:

Nagarhole National Park, also famous among people as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park, is a famous wildlife reserve. Being situated in the state of Karnataka, it attracts the significant number of visitors every year who visit south. It’s a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. It looks Fuller with the sandalwood and teak trees.

It is a home to wildlife like tigers, elephants, Indian leopards, deers etc. The Kabini River flowing near the jungle gives a more natural surrounding to the wildlife there. The breeze from the river cools down the temperature and attracts birds. 

The Kabini River winds through jungle landscapes, home to tigers, Asian elephants and a variety of birds. Nearby, the Irupu Falls cascade down tree-lined rocks.

300 per person (indian) &
1100/- for foreigner.

  1. Jaganmohan Palace:

Another palace of the royal city is Jaganmohan Palace. The work of this palace was completed in 1861. Again, it is a palace of the Wadiyars. The palace has now been turned into an art gallery and functional hall. It hosts thousands of visitors every year, especially those who love art and culture more. The majestic Mysore Palace was also under construction when this palace was under construction. This is among those phases that reflect the royalty of the country. This is one of those royal places that display beautiful contribution of the Wodeyars dynasty to our culture and arts.

This palace is built in a traditional Hindu style, and there is an external facade that beauties the entire palace exclusively. There are three entrances, and the entablature has religious motifs. The interior is designed with beautiful colours and painted with murals. There is a massive collection of 2000 paintings displayed in the facade.

  1. Bandipur National Park:

Bandipur is situated in Gundlupet taluq of Chamarajanagar district in Karnataka. It is around 80 kilometres from the city of Mysore. The route to Bandipur National Park is a route to another famous tourist destination, Ooty.

Bandipur National Park is an 874 square kilometre area forested reserve in Karnataka. It has a population of tigers, elephants, spotted deer, gaurs, etc. This was a hunting ground for Maharajas. 

Like other National Parks in Mysore, Bandipur National Park is also a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The area of the park is protected. It hosts the largest protected area for wild elephants.

Driving is banned by tourist traffic controlling unit from 9 pm to 6 am to avoid wildlife fatalities.

  1. Srirangapatna:

Srirangapatna is a town Karnataka. This town is located near the city of Mysore. This town has a diverse cultural and historical importance. The monuments here in the island town of Srirangapatna are nominated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

This city is located only 15 kilometres from Mysore. Therefore, if you are visiting Mysore, visit Srirangapatna and get a glimpse of Indian rich heritage.

The city if Srirangapatna is close to the river Kaveri, which flows on the eastern part of the island. There are well-planned roads and structures in the town which connects it to other important cities like Bangalore and Mysore. There is a highway that passes from this town and makes communication very easy and accessible for everyone.  

  1. Somnathpur Temple:

The beautiful temple known as Somnathpur Temple is near Mysore and shows carvings of Hindu culture on its walls and ceiling. This small yet amazing temple holds the intricate work quite beautifully.

India has several such temples where architectural works leave people flabbergasted. This temple is one such example. There are 16 different ceilings in the temple, and each ceiling holds a different style of carving.

It is one of the best visiting places near Mysore.

We hope this article could give you information about the best places to visit near Mysore. You can plan your tour to Mysore according, and you will enjoy in each of these places. Some areas are for chilling, while others show our incredible culture and heritage. Some places show the rich biosphere of our country. These amazing places near Mysore are worth visiting.

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