11 Best places to visit in Ooty nearby in 2019

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When it topic is on travel, there are so many incredibly beautiful places in India where you can dwell.  If it is summer vacation, you would definitely visit a cooler place like a hill station. One of the popular tourist destinations among hill stations is Ooty.

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Ooty is situated on the Nilgiri hills in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Ooty is approximately 128 km from Mysore. It is the capital of the popular Nilgiri district.  If you are somewhere in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, you can travel more 85 km to reach this amazing hill station.


There are over thousands of tourists visiting Tamil Nadu every year for spending an amazing vacation. The top tourist spot in Tamil Nadu is the Ooty. The economy of Tamil Nadu is largely driven by tourism. There are also several tourist places near Ooty. We will discuss them here. We will provide you with all the details about some of the best places to visit in Ooty nearby to guide you in planning your trip accordingly.




The Nilgiri Mountains are stretching all across the Western Ghats. They are part of the Western Ghats in the Tamil Nadu region. There are innumerable hill stations and picnic spots in these Nilgiri hills. One of the amazing tourist attraction spots is Ooty. There are also several best attractions in and around Ooty. There are several high peaks where people go trekking and campaigning. There are around 25 Nilgiri peaks that exceed the height of 2000 meters. One of the highest peaks in the Nilgiri Mountains is the Doddabetta. We will talk about Doddabetta later in this part of the article.   




Botanical Garden of Ooty is the real attraction of tourists. It has a huge collection of plantations, some are endemic and some are rare plants. It has an enormous exhibition of flowers that will catch your attraction strongly. There are some plantations that are present over 100 years or more and are enormously big. Those trees are rare to see and that is why many researchers and Botanists visit this botanical garden for their study and data collection.   

The garden generally opens from 7 am in the morning and closes in the evening at 6.30 pm. The entry fee for to the Botanical garden in Ooty is 30 INR. The entry fee for children below 10 years of age is just 15 INR. They can charge you more if you carry some camera or video shooting devices with you.




The famous rose garden in India is located in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. The magnificent Rose Garden is present exactly in the heart of the Ooty town. It is the most attractive part of Ooty tourism. You can see a tremendously beautiful collection of different roses. There are roses of different breeds, colours, shapes of petals, etc.  The Rose Garden spreads over a huge area of around ten acres of land. 


The view of the Rose Garden is definitely a treat for the eyes. The entry fee to this is just 20 INR per person. However, they can charge you a little more for carrying the camera inside. It opens at 8.30 am and closes around 6 pm in the evening.



It is one of the interesting best tourist places to visit near Ooty is Doddabetta. Doddabetta, as you must know, is the highest peak in the Nilgiri Mountains. It has a height of 2,637 meters.


Whenever you visit Doddabetta, you can notice an area of densely covered forest around the peak. The spot is just 9 km away from Ooty town. It is a popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. You must visit this summit and relax and campaign there.




Coonoor is present in the Southern part of Tamil Nadu, where tea is grown predominantly. As we all know, Nilgiri Hills is famous for its tea productions all over the World. There are even parks and public gardens around where you can visit and sit to relax yourselves with your families or friends. The Coonoor toy train runs to carry you from one part of Coonoor to another. The experience is really great as reviewed by almost all tourists.  


The toy train entry fee is 205 INR for first class, 30 INR for second class and 15 INR for General.




The Kalhatti falls is a master destination for several youngsters and trekkers. The fall is an enchanting place and has excellent slopes with amazing ventures. You can visit the Veerabhadra temple which is near Kalhatti falls.  

Kalhatti falls offer you an amazing view and adds to the memories you go to build. The waterfall is around 10 km away from the Kemmangundi Hill station. So, it is definitely recommended to visit Kalhatti waterfall and carry some extra pair of garments to take a dive in the water near the lakes.




We all know that visiting some scenic place that relaxes you is definitely what makes us happy.  Bellikkal is one of those places where you can completely relax and chill out with your family and friends. Forget the rest part of the world and tear and throw away your to-do list and simply take a deep breath while sitting in Bellikkal.  

For a little more information, you should know that Bellikkal is actually a village in  Tamil Nadu. It has exclusively beautiful hill stations. If you visit Bellikkal then, you will definitely revisit it.  


Bellikkal will definitely offer you so many places to visit that are filled with calmness and serenity.  




Trekking is well accomplished if you visit Ooty. You can easily spend 1 or 2 trekking nights in Ooty and places nearby Ooty.

You can sip the pure tea here in the stalls and continue your trekking. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch when you reach a tourist locality.  You enjoy a delicious lunch after reaching the tour locality.


So, start trekking early in the amazing landscapes of Nilgiri hills. You can dwell around to find several interesting spots like the Doorg Fort. You can pass through small openings and hamlets and closely view the life of people living there.


This will make your experience much better with closely visiting every place by trekking. You can camp with your friends and families and cheer under the open night sky. Enjoy and merry make with a bonfire and some delicious roasted food.
 You can watch the sunrise there when you wake up to the early chirping of the birds. The melodious tune of nature is hard to experience in these days. If you get to feel them this closely and beautifully, then you are definitely lucky.

Anyways, there are also several spots where you can proceed to trek in Ooty or places nearby. You can also trek forward to the Toda Settlements. There you will get the amazing experience of watching mountain people around and interact with them.  

There is a lot that trekking helps you to capture in your heart. So, make sure you make enough memories for yourself.




There are a lot of waterfalls in the Nilgiri hills. That means, there will be many amazing lakes around this area. Emerald Lake is not an exception. The lake is located near Emerald village in the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu. The place is a serene and fills you with joy. This region is just 25 km away from Ooty town.   


The Emerald Lake is a famous picnic and tourist spot in Ooty. It is present in the silent valley. The place is extremely famous for fishing and diving. You can get to see different varieties of fishes and enjoy them in your lunch or dinner.


You can find many colourful and beautiful birds visiting near the lake. The place is covered with beautiful plantations of tea. There are several small plantations are also present that adds more serenity to the view of that place.




The famous Threads Garden is in the southern part of the Lake Road. It is located near the Boat House in Ooty. The Thread Garden showcases a magnificent collection of flowers and plantations. It has marvellous artificial floral creation. The display of thread flowers can leave you aghast. There are lawns are entirely fabricated with thread. There are beautiful gardens fabricated with thread. That is the speciality of the spot. Tourists make a visit around the Thread Garden to capture the beauty back with them.  The Thread Garden awaits your visit.

The thread work is done with needle and machine to create beautiful flowers. This looks like a stunning masterpiece to behold. There are the fabricated creepers, climbers, herbs, lotus ponds, lawns and gardens here. It will give you a natural ambience without a speck of doubt that the surrounding is actually artificial. The flowers look lively and breathing. This is the art of this place.
The creation and idea of the entire Thread Garden were exceptional. The incredible machinery used for the work is a Four-Dimensional Embroidery machine. However, it is a hand machine and needs manual efforts to weave. The entire creation is spectacular. The length of threads used in the Thread Garden is 60 million meters. This is surprising and hard to believe, but it’s true.


The place is a collection of arts of perfectionists and artists. The challenging Thread Garden is definitely a must-visiting-place. We recommend you to visit it whenever you visit Ooty.  




The unique sightseeing point is the Dolphin’s Nose. The viewpoint is named so because of the shape of the rock formations there. It gives the perfect shape of the nose of Dolphin. This is popular among the tourists as they visit here to view the beauty of nature from the high cliffs.


The spot is over 1560 metres above the Sea level. It is only 10 km from Coonoor. So, if you are planning to visit Coonoor then, definitely visit this spot before returning back.


The enormous rock makes this place resemble the nose of Dolphin. There are magnificent ravines on both sides of the Dolphin’s Nose. The Catherine falls is only a small distance away.


On the way to the Dolphin’s Nose, you enjoy the tea plantations on both sides and the hairpin turns.


Make sure that whenever you visit Ooty, definitely carry back the tea packets as they give the best aroma of the purest tea. You can feel the fresh leaves of tea swirling in the vessel when you boil them.  The aroma and taste will definitely make you wonder about it. Some other products that you can carry along with you are the skincare products as they are definitely pure and effective

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